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About AGP Systems Ltd.

The existence of AGP Systems Ltd stems from their passion for equipment, maintenance and upkeep. They always felt it essential to maintain their equipment in order to offer their customers a consistent quality product. They have 18 years’ experience in the packaging sector, servicing brands such as Multivac, Markem Imaje and Digi.

AGP Systems Ltd has been designing conveyor systems and small automation projects for a number of years now. Since their company never had a dedicated design team, the engineers themselves had to figure out how to use various complicated CAD programmes, which was not easy to say the least. However, upon discovering IronCAD, everything got much better. They describe it as ‘a complete intuitive and automated design solution for creating 2D and 3D models which automatically generates bill of materials with full sheet metal tools and unfold development.' These are the main tasks on hand.

Their builds now go through a more professional and straightforward process:

1: Concept and basic rendering for customer approval;

2: 3D build and mechanical movement;

3: Bill of materials (BOM) with in-house and standard parts for manufacturing;

4: Exporting BOM to the .xls extension with in-built pricing for job costings.